The one my soul needs and my heart craves,

The one I love,

The one my heart races upon his gaze,

The one whose eyes make me melt with love,

The one my love is true and my hearts wavers,

The one who makes me feel like a diamond in the sky,

The one who makes me laugh, chuckle and cry with happiness,

The one who makes me feel loved, wanted and adored,

You are like the moon in it’s nights light,

The beauty,

To he who loves with his heart and shows it through his eyes,

To he who makes my heart race in a race that has no finish line,

To he who makes me feel different,

He is a soul far beautiful,

A person I feel the most connected to,

He wants me to succeed and be all that I can be,

He gifts me with the love that’s true,

Gifts that come from love and the love that comes from gifts,

He is a gift to me and I to him,

Wrapped with the love only we understand,

To he who makes me wonder,

Where have you been all my life?


An open poem to the self absorbed bully

I see honesty in your eyes yet uncertainty in your words,

How can things so similar be so different,

A condescending behavior I’m still yet to contemplate,

You call me smart to see how I’d react,

You call me beautiful to see if I’d agree,

Don’t I have the right to be called appealing things.

I hear pain in your voice yet chuckles seem in place,

Somethings so easy to hide,

You call me hateful words just to see what I would do,

You call me a disgrace to a mothers do,

Don’t I have the right to be called appealing things,

I see neglect and sorrow,

And everything becomes clear,

The words run back and now,

I’m smart,

I’m beautiful,

I’m not disgraceful,

I just want you to keep your hateful words beneath your empty soul,

Because I have the right to be all things appealing.

Trump stamp

In history of problems I find in it stories of faded happiness,

Old circle new, As anti Islamic radicals tell us we don’t belong,

From personal interaction I reached a different perspective,

Because this cloth on my head doesn’t deem me terrorist,

But an individual just like you,

I strongly believe that most are accepting regardless of faith, color or gender,

As I have very little to say concerning the democratic front of Donald trump,

I start with a question,

What do you see when you look at me?

A question I ask all to often but not too much,

Because the media has already given you a sight of me I still fail to see,

  • Terrorists
  • Oppressed
  • Brainwashed


Wait don’t stop,

I believe that everyone has the right for speech but can you slow down,

Just think,

Will you allow me to do to you, what you plan to do to me?,

Level my existence to a badge that states I’m Muslim,

Yes I’m Muslim,

Just like you’re Indian or Christian or even Jew,

Different faith but still human.

If you ask me, this is all political bullshit,

How a fascist man who refuses being fascist tells the world we have a “Muslim problem” or is it that he is the problem,

Let me tell you something, Islam is not a religion of terrorism,

And if you think by dehumanizing us and calling us hurtful names will stop us from being Muslims,

You are mistaken,

We are just getting started.

That’s just it…..

I know I am not myself with people but i am myself when am alone, that seems unlikely too but with all honesty I’m talking to you as myself.

Sometimes what I feel most deeply can’t be spoken in words alone. So I gave myself permission to feel and experiment all my emotions. In order to do that i had to stop being afraid to feel, I taught myself to believe that no matter what everything I felt will be Okay!.

I have never been one to love shallowly, my feelings for those I love ran deep into the earth. So I’m going to tell you something, Thoughts are never honest, Emotions are. So don’t be naive to the insignificant understanding of love in our world today.

Falling in love is like being hit by a truck but not being mortally wounded.

The problem with today is that people make the mistake of letting beauty and wealth guide attraction.

They go for the ones that visually please them,

They go for the pretty ones regardless and I have come to accept that.

But beauty has very little to do with appearance and sometimes not at all, but they think that we deserve their opinions but we just want them to keep them to themselves but am not here to talk about us but the others dignified women by how they look and considering them less appealing but forgot that appearance is at a limited stance and maybe theirs is almost running out.

Maybe it’s not my place to ask, but what about the ones that beauty doesn’t only rely on appearance? Their beauties lie on their voices, their ethnicity and their moral value.

How can they ask to be loved when all you ever ask is to be left alone?


Quiz: Exactly how will you spend this Ramadan?

Ramadan is just hours away and am super psyched about it. It’s just that time of the year when everyone gets together and embrace the beauty of Islam and escape the pace of everyday life.

A month considered the most sacred. Muslims do not eat nor drink from the moment of sun rise to sunset. They also pray, contemplate and practice acts of generosity towards others.

Soo I ask you, how will you spend this Ramadan? Will you contact a loved one and share knowledge, will you forgive the ones that have wronged you or many more.

Tell me your plans this Ramadhan and be an inspiration to me and others. Entice my viewers with your views on the do’s and don’t in this holy month. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and inshaAllah we will be reward for the knowledge passed on.

*comment below what you will be doing this Ramadhan? *


Proud Identity

I wont tolerate your intolerance nor does my confidence need compliments,

Nothing can ever be left underground because one day we will be underground,

Silent streets underneath broken myths, but your words rained deep,

Nothing left unsaid left us bare exposed,

Under lies,

Under misconceived minds,

Religion encompasses both faith and rationality,

2030 vision but still you can’t see,

Islam and Terrorism are completely different things,

You might have a smart phone but that doesn’t make you intelligent,

“I hate Al Shabab and how uncivilised Somalis can be”

What should I say?

I understand atrocities, caused by people like me,

Forgiveness for the inhumane acts so you can stop blaming me.

Because last time I checked it was the blacks that were slaves,

But seems a lot like today,

Taught how to hate,

But people hate what they dont know,

“I don’t wear a headscarf just because people will automatically know I’m Somali”

What do you value more you Deen or you nationality?,

Hijab is fear that runs our lives and the happiness that keeps us going,

This is what happens when you believe in faith and fail to believe in reason,

You don’t have to be that dumb to know that freedom aint free,

“I find Somali guys really unattractive, they think they are so hot but they’re so ugly”

It seems you live in the american dream,

But the people high up have the lowest self-esteem,

The prettiest people do the ugliest things,

We shine because they hate us,

Floss because they degrade us,

I promise she’s so self-conscious,

My sister,

We are one and the same, we come from the same sea and no matter where we go we breathe the same air,

In this world we are limited on time,

Soo let me introduce myself,

I’m muslim Somali,

I’m proud,

If you didn’t already know.


Stranger to a lover i once called mine

patiences is not about waiting for something, its how you wait and the attitude you have while waiting

I cant start thinking of one without the other,

All soo similar but yet so different,

All convesations turned to dust and the love we once had forgotten.

Nothing was ever the same because we never allowed it to,

Night calls turned to night cries,

Goodmorning texts left unsent,

Minutes turned to hours and days turned to weeks,

Buried in despair and covered with guilt, guilt on how our last conversation ended.

Trust me it wasnt my words, but the words of the devil that was after us the minute you were mine.

Our union was poison but a flower garden to our hearts so vunreable,

Sickness and in health was but a phrase no sincerity,

Love turned to hate and you turned against me,

I sensed doubt in voices i once could read through,

Forgotten moments i still hold true,

All the long walks and long talks,

Dreams and goals we once had,

A year has gone by feelings still intact,

I wished for a lasting love, but the lover left.