My City 



Goodmorning world…. I have a habit of saying that if you have me on snapchat that is but in real sense I am talking to the world, actually people from every corners of the world either it be from a link on Instagram, snapchat and Facebook. I come to you from Kenya my birth country and the place I call home. I’m Somali though my mother tongue is a bit rusty but with all the beauties it has to offer. I come with the greetings of  Assalam Alaikum?  Namaste? Bonjour? Merhaba? but from the locals we start with Mambo? Or habari yako? A country with diverse culture yet we find soo easy to interact. Their isn’t much of self separation other than the fact the Indians and a known fact they like to keep it to themselves as the say, but I have met and known them and abit is true but a lot is sweet just like the sweets they sell in mithaiwalla like most of you know.  I crave the ladu in that place the way I crave to get a husband who will drive in the middle of the night to get me that…. Yes ladies we all crave that.Let me not get started with the misunderstanding I get with the owner when there is no ladu….

Image result for laduTrust me it’s not a pretty site but it’s the sweetness that drives me. Just like the sweetness and luxury Nairobi provides that has me gushing for more. The empending respect for one anothers religion and understanding that my faith is my own and just because i dont follow yours doesnt mean im wrong. The word terrorism isnt just linked to muslims and islamaphobia is a mere joke. Kenya is the land of the free sincerely saying and i dont need anyone to tell me different with landscapes that have a terrific view of our lovely city and the kibandas and their fresh fruits…. Nothing too big is ever enough for the citizens and that has never stopped us from striving. I see this great city of ours going places and I hope to live long enough to see it change. All the corrupt government officials and the money theft is but a distant memory. A time the world would not see us for a jungle but the destination of adventure and all possibility enacted.




so much of this great city isnt captured on photoes you just have to come see it yourself.

kwaheri(means goodbye).



Author: Yazzhearts

you have power over your mind, not outside events, realize this, and you will find strength.

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