The one my soul needs and my heart craves,

The one I love,

The one my heart races upon his gaze,

The one whose eyes make me melt with love,

The one my love is true and my hearts wavers,

The one who makes me feel like a diamond in the sky,

The one who makes me laugh, chuckle and cry with happiness,

The one who makes me feel loved, wanted and adored,

You are like the moon in it’s nights light,

The beauty,

To he who loves with his heart and shows it through his eyes,

To he who makes my heart race in a race that has no finish line,

To he who makes me feel different,

He is a soul far beautiful,

A person I feel the most connected to,

He wants me to succeed and be all that I can be,

He gifts me with the love that’s true,

Gifts that come from love and the love that comes from gifts,

He is a gift to me and I to him,

Wrapped with the love only we understand,

To he who makes me wonder,

Where have you been all my life?