An open poem to the self absorbed bully

I see honesty in your eyes yet uncertainty in your words,

How can things so similar be so different,

A condescending behavior I’m still yet to contemplate,

You call me smart to see how I’d react,

You call me beautiful to see if I’d agree,

Don’t I have the right to be called appealing things.

I hear pain in your voice yet chuckles seem in place,

Somethings so easy to hide,

You call me hateful words just to see what I would do,

You call me a disgrace to a mothers do,

Don’t I have the right to be called appealing things,

I see neglect and sorrow,

And everything becomes clear,

The words run back and now,

I’m smart,

I’m beautiful,

I’m not disgraceful,

I just want you to keep your hateful words beneath your empty soul,

Because I have the right to be all things appealing.