1. I love food more than I love people.

2. I have a fantasy of living with cats.

3.I enjoy trips and travel.

4. I am not a judgmental person.

5. I have weird moments because normal is boring.

6. I can pull out a fight and win.

7. I love proving people wrong. Just to say I told you so.

8. If my husband doesn’t let me get a cat we will have issues.

9. I once gave advise to a smoker I didn’t know. I care.

10. I talk to myself…..a lot….. Strangers think am crazy.

11. When am in the shower I stare at the mirror and make intellectual speeches. I forget them the minute I leave. 

12. I have a twin, yes I do. don’t be surprised but he doesn’t look like me. Yes it’s a he.

13. I zone out when I use my computer, every sound is blocked from me. 

14. My concentration level is high when I chew gum.

15. Am 5’9.

16. I love heels sadly I can’t own them.

17. I have high expectations of people, it’s disappointing.

18. It’s hard for me to look at someone directly in their eyes if they did something to piss me off.

19. I care a lot of how I represent myself. 

20. I have flaws that I wish I didn’t. I have come to accept them.

21. I Love cooking just to eat.

22. I eat a lot but don’t grow fat.

23. I listen to all kinds of music only if it sounds nice or the beats move me…. Don’t have a category.

24. I enjoy movies and late night snacks. Netflix and chill!!.

25. I hate eating popcorn while watching a movie because the sound while you chew gets annoyingly loud and I like concentration while in the movies. 

26. Am a very opinionated person. 

27. Diplomatic too.

28. I choose my friends and I don’t pick sides.

29. My Friendship is based on how much you can feed me…. Friends that eat together stay together.

30. I wear size six shoes.

31. I can somehow sing. I used to in highschool so that counts.

32. I care relatively little about what people think of me.

33. Am pretty nice my friends.

34. My love is old school. 

35. I take long to trust people. 

36. Somethings are hard to forgive but I try to forgive but that person becomes irrelevant to my life.

37. I appreciate people  for all that they are but hate when they change to impress people.  Be you, do you 100%.

38. I have cravings of all sort of things.


Author: Yazzhearts

you have power over your mind, not outside events, realize this, and you will find strength.

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