Writers Block

Writers get stuck, I do. In every beginning of all my poems or article I have seven other poems I want to start and to every ending I have seven other endings. It’s a battlefield within my own mind and I have the final kill.

Hours of battling on what to write seems endless, because I want to write about everything. What It was like growing up,important moments, all the important people in my life and their roles, how loss feels like, how pain feels like and how to grief. What love feels like and how well it overcomes hate. How my experiences have been and maybe someone out there understand how. My companion in writing but just haven’t yet seen eye to eye.

Stare glances upon my laptop, nothing seems to come to mind,

I fear I lost my will for writing and suddenly it comes to sight,

Words beginning to rhyme ,

Topics become clear and passion overflows.

I remember how one time I sat for 3hrs on my laptop just looking at it. Music playing in the background but not too loud then I lose concentration but low enough for me to hear it. So I sat on my own thinking how my mind could be so blank to even just type a word maybe it will open doors to 300 others. So I sat there long enough and I finally gave up and left. I didn’t go back to it for two days. I realized the days were numbered, I needed to get my shit together and finish what I started. This are my tips on really getting it done. Writing that is:

1.Set reasonable goals: setting for yourself goals that you know you can accomplish in a specific time period let’s choose quarterly goals. I write down 12 goals and own up to them, let’s say first goal was to write 100 word, the next quarterly goal will be write 150 words. Try your best to finish the goals and don’t make excuses not to.

2: Read a lot: I Can’t emphasize more on reading novels because I love reading either it be an article on Google or a pdf of a book I have been waiting on. Personally helped me with choice of words and vocabulary. It’s made my writing more intense than before. So read a lot dependant on your speed, trust me the late nights with a book and coffee will pay of more than Netflix and chill.

3. Take time from your writing: As an aspiring writer I tend to be so overwhelmed with emotions when I overwork myself. My mood deteriorates and I just feel down. So I took a routine where I take hours brake from my writing and sometimes days. One because it drains me out when I stay on my laptop writing the whole day, its life draining….. first cause you get to have no social life. your life becomes you your laptop in your pajamas in bed with music on the background. not that I don’t enjoy but take breaks. 40mins writing and 20mins talking to your family,your pet or walk. Don’t overwork yourself.

4:Reminders: Set reminders of goals that haven’t been met on your phone or a notebook and tick any you get done. It keeps you occupied and on track and never results you to idling, either it be going for an appointment or on a lunch date with the girl. It personally helps me because I tend to forget appointments and keeps me in track with post that need final drafting and dates to post.

5:Read your work a day after: I never thought it would sound better the next day till I tried it. When I start writing a new post I usually have a topic in mind and outline it the best way I see fit for my readers and myself. I write and never look back because If I look back then I spot a correction and makes my line of thought go all over the place and I forget what I was to write next. So I write and If anything needs correction I will correct the next day. Sometimes I feel like what am writing is completely utter nonsense but I still keep going because for some weird but amazing reason it sounds better the next day though some sentences needs polishing but that’s what editing is there for. keep going and don’t look back.

I hope it helped….. 


Author: Yazzhearts

you have power over your mind, not outside events, realize this, and you will find strength.

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