The End Of Men: Have They Had It Worse?

I dont have to say things are bad, because they are. Quoting the ‘ain’t your mama song’ which I think is completely out-of-order. Yes some wifes are mistreated but being a mans wife doesnt consolidate you as his mother. Furthermore you are doing nothing but insulting the women who raised the men you fall in love with which is un wise to do. The real topic here is men in general the bad and the ones in the middle, the ruthless hitters, the rapists the one what treat women just like men and the good ones. Dont worry we see you too. I am not a great support of gender equality because I don’t think men and women are the same. They should be given equal opportunities yes, but gender equality to most women is wanting to be treated like men so let’s cut to the chase.

I have heard alot about women right and there billions of articles to disuss it but am here to tell you how being a man is slowing fading away. We have had this look on how great men should be and once was before 1970. Men who showed kindness to women but in the year today men are nothing but “Dogs”as most of you say but have they also had enough. Menism begun when men felt that their rights are unrepresented in the status quo. True gender equality is when men and women’s voices are heard not beaten to prove a point.  Men have had it so worse off but whose their to talk about it. They are more likely to be raped while in prison, they are more like to commit suicide, more likely to not be accepted to jobs and also more likely to see their needs thrown out the window. Yes! Maybe they had it coming but condemning, demeaning and provoking them makes you no different.

In the early 1970’s women fought for equality and they said the they want what men have had all this years. What is it that they meant? Men should see them no different or given same opportunities as men. The cause drifted to women wanting to be treated like men and yet again think they would win by throwing a punch. They treat men as the vile creatures and expect them not to roar. Men will always be men but don’t take it as a negative things. 

I have seen men and boys finding comfort in being treated as equals. They stay at home cooking while their wifes look for money, stay at home parent granted. They are busy building women in the world that they forgot about themselves in the name of equality. Men are meant to be protectors and providers, they are not doing a good job at it because women have decided that they can do it too. I respect women who want to be powerful, yes you can do it, I have no doubt about it but don’t be antagonistic in your own throne.

Ladies we are and still will be the reasons men strive or fail in the world without wilingly knowing it.

 In the 1900’s there where chases and schemes on getting the beauty in the room now girls have pickup lines to get guys and even more saddening chase them. They are so determined in overruling men in the world that they are slowing losing themselves. Ladies am here to tell you that I know about women rights and the needs we want met but being treated like a man isnt the way to achieve them. You will be suprised when you hit a man and he hits you back.


Author: Yazzhearts

you have power over your mind, not outside events, realize this, and you will find strength.

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