Homosexuality and Islam, can they mix???

Hey dad?

I’m gay!……..kicked out, disowned.

The first time I read about it I was confused actually but I was even more confused when I saw men and women calling themselves Muslim gays/lesbians which to my knowledge and facts says they are “happy and gay!”. 

What deluded minds, thinking they can be Muslims and gay. Am sorry if I will be offending some people, actually be offended. I am not going to be the many that look away when our fellow Muslims are comfortable in being gay. You choose to be Muslim and you also choose to be gay…. you aren’t born GAY! So the few that think that justifies the acts of homosexuality am sorry to say you are mistaken. Homosexuality is prohibited in Islam and punishable to death so when you freely tell yourselves that you can be Muslim and gay you are merely lying to yourself. 

As Muslims we have no tolerance to such act and using rape and molestation as defense is null. When foreigners came to the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and raped men, the Quran considered it an abomination. Male to male rape and homosexuality is no different if you have consent. A hadith states: “kill the doer and the receiver”. So when you say the Quran should be speaking about you guys too, it has when Lut (peace be upon him) addressed the people and said: ” Do you commit and bring that obscene and lewd action where a male fulfills his desires with a male?”. Lewd meaning ‘offensive’ and obscene meaning ‘disgusting by accepted standards’. This sentence alone states your act are not just henious but disgusting so dont say the Quran hasnt talked about you. 

The supreme court states on 26th June 2015 that gays and lesbians can be able to continue this obscene act and also stated that marriage is a keystone of the nation’s social order. 

I’m sorry to say but you might just be as crazy and deluded as them. We should have fought harder, now we left our own in enemy lines,  confusing is how other Muslims are accepting of this. They act like its ok and approve such friends, i don’t know about you but i choose my friends because you can know a lot about a person by the type of people they hang out with though am not saying that if you hang with stoners or drunkards that makes you one but that it shows that you are no different just accepting. In Islam being GAY isnt something to be accepting of, but something to be fighting away but most of us are just here to survive. The world is too chaotic to see homosexuality as the lewd act it is. 

It’s there life, I’ll live mine. Something I hear way too often.


Author: Yazzhearts

you have power over your mind, not outside events, realize this, and you will find strength.

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