1. I love food more than I love people.

2. I have a fantasy of living with cats.

3.I enjoy trips and travel.

4. I am not a judgmental person.

5. I have weird moments because normal is boring.

6. I can pull out a fight and win.

7. I love proving people wrong. Just to say I told you so.

8. If my husband doesn’t let me get a cat we will have issues.

9. I once gave advise to a smoker I didn’t know. I care.

10. I talk to myself…..a lot….. Strangers think am crazy.

11. When am in the shower I stare at the mirror and make intellectual speeches. I forget them the minute I leave. 

12. I have a twin, yes I do. don’t be surprised but he doesn’t look like me. Yes it’s a he.

13. I zone out when I use my computer, every sound is blocked from me. 

14. My concentration level is high when I chew gum.

15. Am 5’9.

16. I love heels sadly I can’t own them.

17. I have high expectations of people, it’s disappointing.

18. It’s hard for me to look at someone directly in their eyes if they did something to piss me off.

19. I care a lot of how I represent myself. 

20. I have flaws that I wish I didn’t. I have come to accept them.

21. I Love cooking just to eat.

22. I eat a lot but don’t grow fat.

23. I listen to all kinds of music only if it sounds nice or the beats move me…. Don’t have a category.

24. I enjoy movies and late night snacks. Netflix and chill!!.

25. I hate eating popcorn while watching a movie because the sound while you chew gets annoyingly loud and I like concentration while in the movies. 

26. Am a very opinionated person. 

27. Diplomatic too.

28. I choose my friends and I don’t pick sides.

29. My Friendship is based on how much you can feed me…. Friends that eat together stay together.

30. I wear size six shoes.

31. I can somehow sing. I used to in highschool so that counts.

32. I care relatively little about what people think of me.

33. Am pretty nice my friends.

34. My love is old school. 

35. I take long to trust people. 

36. Somethings are hard to forgive but I try to forgive but that person becomes irrelevant to my life.

37. I appreciate people  for all that they are but hate when they change to impress people.  Be you, do you 100%.

38. I have cravings of all sort of things.


Writers Block

Writers get stuck, I do. In every beginning of all my poems or article I have seven other poems I want to start and to every ending I have seven other endings. It’s a battlefield within my own mind and I have the final kill.

Hours of battling on what to write seems endless, because I want to write about everything. What It was like growing up,important moments, all the important people in my life and their roles, how loss feels like, how pain feels like and how to grief. What love feels like and how well it overcomes hate. How my experiences have been and maybe someone out there understand how. My companion in writing but just haven’t yet seen eye to eye.

Stare glances upon my laptop, nothing seems to come to mind,

I fear I lost my will for writing and suddenly it comes to sight,

Words beginning to rhyme ,

Topics become clear and passion overflows.

I remember how one time I sat for 3hrs on my laptop just looking at it. Music playing in the background but not too loud then I lose concentration but low enough for me to hear it. So I sat on my own thinking how my mind could be so blank to even just type a word maybe it will open doors to 300 others. So I sat there long enough and I finally gave up and left. I didn’t go back to it for two days. I realized the days were numbered, I needed to get my shit together and finish what I started. This are my tips on really getting it done. Writing that is:

1.Set reasonable goals: setting for yourself goals that you know you can accomplish in a specific time period let’s choose quarterly goals. I write down 12 goals and own up to them, let’s say first goal was to write 100 word, the next quarterly goal will be write 150 words. Try your best to finish the goals and don’t make excuses not to.

2: Read a lot: I Can’t emphasize more on reading novels because I love reading either it be an article on Google or a pdf of a book I have been waiting on. Personally helped me with choice of words and vocabulary. It’s made my writing more intense than before. So read a lot dependant on your speed, trust me the late nights with a book and coffee will pay of more than Netflix and chill.

3. Take time from your writing: As an aspiring writer I tend to be so overwhelmed with emotions when I overwork myself. My mood deteriorates and I just feel down. So I took a routine where I take hours brake from my writing and sometimes days. One because it drains me out when I stay on my laptop writing the whole day, its life draining….. first cause you get to have no social life. your life becomes you your laptop in your pajamas in bed with music on the background. not that I don’t enjoy but take breaks. 40mins writing and 20mins talking to your family,your pet or walk. Don’t overwork yourself.

4:Reminders: Set reminders of goals that haven’t been met on your phone or a notebook and tick any you get done. It keeps you occupied and on track and never results you to idling, either it be going for an appointment or on a lunch date with the girl. It personally helps me because I tend to forget appointments and keeps me in track with post that need final drafting and dates to post.

5:Read your work a day after: I never thought it would sound better the next day till I tried it. When I start writing a new post I usually have a topic in mind and outline it the best way I see fit for my readers and myself. I write and never look back because If I look back then I spot a correction and makes my line of thought go all over the place and I forget what I was to write next. So I write and If anything needs correction I will correct the next day. Sometimes I feel like what am writing is completely utter nonsense but I still keep going because for some weird but amazing reason it sounds better the next day though some sentences needs polishing but that’s what editing is there for. keep going and don’t look back.

I hope it helped….. 

The End Of Men: Have They Had It Worse?

I dont have to say things are bad, because they are. Quoting the ‘ain’t your mama song’ which I think is completely out-of-order. Yes some wifes are mistreated but being a mans wife doesnt consolidate you as his mother. Furthermore you are doing nothing but insulting the women who raised the men you fall in love with which is un wise to do. The real topic here is men in general the bad and the ones in the middle, the ruthless hitters, the rapists the one what treat women just like men and the good ones. Dont worry we see you too. I am not a great support of gender equality because I don’t think men and women are the same. They should be given equal opportunities yes, but gender equality to most women is wanting to be treated like men so let’s cut to the chase.

I have heard alot about women right and there billions of articles to disuss it but am here to tell you how being a man is slowing fading away. We have had this look on how great men should be and once was before 1970. Men who showed kindness to women but in the year today men are nothing but “Dogs”as most of you say but have they also had enough. Menism begun when men felt that their rights are unrepresented in the status quo. True gender equality is when men and women’s voices are heard not beaten to prove a point.  Men have had it so worse off but whose their to talk about it. They are more likely to be raped while in prison, they are more like to commit suicide, more likely to not be accepted to jobs and also more likely to see their needs thrown out the window. Yes! Maybe they had it coming but condemning, demeaning and provoking them makes you no different.

In the early 1970’s women fought for equality and they said the they want what men have had all this years. What is it that they meant? Men should see them no different or given same opportunities as men. The cause drifted to women wanting to be treated like men and yet again think they would win by throwing a punch. They treat men as the vile creatures and expect them not to roar. Men will always be men but don’t take it as a negative things. 

I have seen men and boys finding comfort in being treated as equals. They stay at home cooking while their wifes look for money, stay at home parent granted. They are busy building women in the world that they forgot about themselves in the name of equality. Men are meant to be protectors and providers, they are not doing a good job at it because women have decided that they can do it too. I respect women who want to be powerful, yes you can do it, I have no doubt about it but don’t be antagonistic in your own throne.

Ladies we are and still will be the reasons men strive or fail in the world without wilingly knowing it.

 In the 1900’s there where chases and schemes on getting the beauty in the room now girls have pickup lines to get guys and even more saddening chase them. They are so determined in overruling men in the world that they are slowing losing themselves. Ladies am here to tell you that I know about women rights and the needs we want met but being treated like a man isnt the way to achieve them. You will be suprised when you hit a man and he hits you back.

Homosexuality and Islam, can they mix???

Hey dad?

I’m gay!……..kicked out, disowned.

The first time I read about it I was confused actually but I was even more confused when I saw men and women calling themselves Muslim gays/lesbians which to my knowledge and facts says they are “happy and gay!”. 

What deluded minds, thinking they can be Muslims and gay. Am sorry if I will be offending some people, actually be offended. I am not going to be the many that look away when our fellow Muslims are comfortable in being gay. You choose to be Muslim and you also choose to be gay…. you aren’t born GAY! So the few that think that justifies the acts of homosexuality am sorry to say you are mistaken. Homosexuality is prohibited in Islam and punishable to death so when you freely tell yourselves that you can be Muslim and gay you are merely lying to yourself. 

As Muslims we have no tolerance to such act and using rape and molestation as defense is null. When foreigners came to the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and raped men, the Quran considered it an abomination. Male to male rape and homosexuality is no different if you have consent. A hadith states: “kill the doer and the receiver”. So when you say the Quran should be speaking about you guys too, it has when Lut (peace be upon him) addressed the people and said: ” Do you commit and bring that obscene and lewd action where a male fulfills his desires with a male?”. Lewd meaning ‘offensive’ and obscene meaning ‘disgusting by accepted standards’. This sentence alone states your act are not just henious but disgusting so dont say the Quran hasnt talked about you. 

The supreme court states on 26th June 2015 that gays and lesbians can be able to continue this obscene act and also stated that marriage is a keystone of the nation’s social order. 

I’m sorry to say but you might just be as crazy and deluded as them. We should have fought harder, now we left our own in enemy lines,  confusing is how other Muslims are accepting of this. They act like its ok and approve such friends, i don’t know about you but i choose my friends because you can know a lot about a person by the type of people they hang out with though am not saying that if you hang with stoners or drunkards that makes you one but that it shows that you are no different just accepting. In Islam being GAY isnt something to be accepting of, but something to be fighting away but most of us are just here to survive. The world is too chaotic to see homosexuality as the lewd act it is. 

It’s there life, I’ll live mine. Something I hear way too often.