Why The World As We Know It Should End

One time, one moment in your life you saw it and chose to ignore it. The few brave ones confronted it but most weren’t bothered. “Its not my problem, why bother”. The reasons we pass eachother on the streets and all we share are pointless matters. The world today is disappointing to some of us but most might find this insane. Probably they have everything they have always wanted but not really what they need. You see money is the root of all evil, it’s always been just the same reason your role models tells you to choose that career because it pays more. Everyday I see how the most popular things are considered the most important rather than what’s right. Ratings and social media defines who we are and how much we are worth. Do you really think having millions of followers makes you any better?. 

Racism and religion is still a problem and sadly to say you might get shot if you don’t comply. Killing in the name of religion has been spread across the globe and the most affected are the ones that have nothing to do with it. People easily put the blame on others to justify their wrong doings. Trust me it’s not pretty arguing with someone who thinks their right. Where pride is at an all time high and humility at a low. Sympathy for the poor is shuned upon while ignorance is praised.

Sadly in the generation today kids know more about twerking than I did at their age. Technology has given us everything we ever wanted  and snatched away everything we ever needed. Kids become antisocial. The average person prefers being on their phone 24/7 than normal to do face to face conversations. It’s proven that the more you use your phone or laptops your levels of interllect also decrease. You see, you gain something you loose something. That’s how the world works and we have let it consume us…..But it’s time to make a change, me and you, all of us. Let’s love one another everyday of our lives and that grudge you held its time to let it go. Let’s unite as one before we loose our humanity and if you have power use it for good and stop being greedy. Respect eachothers religion and let’s make the time we have in this world worthwhile. Happy Friday (Jumma Mubarak)


Photography ft Kaniz Fatima Sheikh 

Talking to all photographers or aspiring photographers that is, as they might get their inspiration from different things for different reasons. She works her way up with the support from family and friends I don’t know what can stop her. A father who was an artist in his 20’s but pushed into sciences and becoming the Head of the science faculty and chemistry in Brookhouse love for portrait never seemed to waver.

 A brother who is a graphic designer and nothing but supportive he says “having all the tools with you, learn to do it yourself and practice, explore new places and learn”. So I sat down with Kaniz and this is a few things you need to know about her photography or photography in general in her own words.

Question: Where did your inspiration for photography start and who is your influence? 

Answer: Growing up I always liked people taking my photo and at yr 10 I fell in love with being person behind the lense rather than infront, if I was stuck in traffic I would just take my dads phone and flash away. I saw the beauty within the simplest of things and that’s what made me grow fond of it. Mr sheikh(Dad) got me my first camera and since then I have never stopped.

Question: what does your photography pieces reflect?

Answer:They reflect simplicity, minimalist and beauty. I love working with black women regardless of the tone because complexion varies, and for women to realize that their melanin is their beauty.

Question: what makes your photography different?

Answer: I don’t do it based on people’s opinion I see what I like and work with it, I create moments and make my pictures create a story. It’s not really about the money after every shoot but more on myself and what I want my work to portray.

Question: what do you plan to achieve in your pursuit on photography? 

Answer: showcase African beauty and influence the generation to be more based on culture so as to prevent culture loss. Focus my pieces on Africa and Asia.

Do you think photography is more leaned on perfection than self beauty?

Answer: No, photography is not more leaned on perfection but dependent of the client needs, but my photography isn’t based on perfection, I believe everyone is beautiful with all the scars that make them who they are. 

Question: What advice do you have on someone starting out?

  • Link to art is link to self growth.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Explore new things.
  • You can always be better so don’t stop trying.
  • Don’t be comfortable with the same thing, change it up.

And with a year off school pursuing photography I wish her the best in the year to come. Her work shows simplicity and courage to judge only what you didn’t take or the angle you missed.


      You Dont Worry About Fitting In When You Are Custom Made.

      Growing up is an endless valley of trying to find the people that get along with you or have the same niche as you. You want to fit in?? DONT. No one was created with 1000 and one copies of themselves. It’s exhausting! I remember being in college and meeting a lot of diverse people and I learnt the hard way that being yourself is the best thing you can be. I’m not saying don’t make friends. Am just saying that friends,relationships aren’t worth sacrificing who you are. I believe the minute you try to fit it is the minute you start to loose yourself. My fear of not being good enough evaporated when I understood that our life’s stories and history of the world were written by the same hand. 

      I know we all want be cool and be noticed, but authenticity of ones self is “being cool”. You don’t need to dress or act a certain way to be appreciated, and if they don’t appreciate you for you then they aren’t meant for you. You can only find your best friend if you are 100% yourself, not 50% of someone else. The lesson I learnt this year is “it’s better to be alone than surrounded by people that are detrimental to your well being or people who bring you down”. I rather stay alone in my room watching Netflix or at a restaurant sipping tea and maybe the closest to me is my pet cat but it’s worth settling for that than with detrimental people. Being alone is lonely, alone-lonely both words correspond but it shows that you don’t settle for anything less and that’s not a bad thing.

      📸 by kaniz. vsco.com/kanizsheikh

      #1 Eid Post

      Well it’s come to an end and i can’t emphasize enough on the sorrow that fills my heart but I will tell you that it has come as fast as it has went away, maybe I did enough or did nothing at all but all we can do is try. Though I hope you really see that a loss sometimes brings patience within our hearts.

      Yes! Ramadhan is at its last day and I can’t explain this but there is fear in my heart,the fear that I might not come across it again and I haven’t been forgiven for all my sins, or just a little. Ramadhan teaches us that repentance is an understanding that we are human and we make mistakes. So don’t be disappointed but appreciative because this past weeks has been rather taunting for the average Muslim, weird sleeping patterns, exhausted even before the days start but isn’t it all for the greater good?. I know that for a month I would like to put aside all the cooking and really take advantage from sunrise to sunset, none stop….. But am I really up for it? Or am just sugar coating this to look more religious than others, to be honest others aren’t my issue. I am. I want my life in formation, probably so do you. So let’s not look as the end of ramadhan as the end of a faithful month but the beginning of a faithful life.

      Tell yourself, I am better than I was and I will be better than I am.

      As we all get ready for tomorrow can we take a moment to appreciate the weeks that have crossed our lives because unsure are we that such weeks might impact us again. I take this time to wish you EID MUBARAK and a fruitful one that is and as tomorrow morning awaits us, am seeing some have already done their Heena or are still doing and outfits all ironed up ready for D-day. To tell you the truth noone out grows buying Eid clothes I know I haven’t but how easy is it for guys all they need is a thobe and even though they wear the one they wore last year no one will know. As for ladies it’s all too complicated, but still I would love to see how you gorgeous ladies and handsome gentlemen come out on Eid day. So tag me on you Eid look on Eid day to be featured on my blog. Instagram: Yazhearts Instagram