Really stopping poverty!

My personality isn’t much to tear down but coming to understand real human suffering and what it means to be poor moves me to tears till today but tears aren’t much help are they?

I don’t know your introduction to poverty but I remember mine very well, it was when i met Grace. She used to be patient at the Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH) who has been bed sick since the day she was born. Knowing her story as we sat down and talked for hours, she described to me how it was like when your parents abandoned you with nothing to spare, with no word from them for years she kept telling me, maybe one day they will pick up the phone and look for me, she says they loved her but she became a burden so they decided to leave.

Also when i met Ann, her father came home every night drunk and hit her mom, when the food ran out and she went to school hungry, she described how at times she could fast just to fight the hunger. As her mom despite all her best efforts watched her kids suffer from malnutrition.
For years stories like this have been moving us to compassion, and as most critics would say we havent done enough or it’s not effective enough? but have you ever asked why? why even with all the help we give and the donations we offer that they are still in poverty?

This is something you might have already heard, 40,000 kids die of poverty every year, today it has gone down 17000, which means that every year 8 million kids didn’t have to die of poverty.

But did you know that poverty now has very little to do with having nothing to eat or nothing to wear, it might sound strange to you now but I plan to explain further and with just this point things will come into perspective.


Just like Ann and many others growing up in everyday violence. She understood life of violence before the poverty even started. She told me how things were going well until their house was burnt down, not by natural causes but because of her neighbors, they said” we are fed up with you father beating your mom and her yelling while we sleep” an action was taken to benefit the many and nothing was done to the few affected. Going to school was impossible so she started to beg. She told me how she was not the first but there were many, girls who were raped by men of her community and even how she was raped.

Her struggles shocked me and giving her money would be an insult, because no money in the world could pay back the violence that had been done years before I even finished highschool.

I think we deserve to know that our donations, sponsorship or health programmes is not going to stop everyday violence because they were not meant to. Their was a report from the United nation where they stated “Most poor people live outside the protection of the law”.

Where they suffer from everyday violence and sexual violence. From the age of 14-55 women and children suffer from everyday sexual violence which causes more deaths and failed stability than war. Going to school which we all know is the most powerful thing to offer a girl and has become unsafe for them. The place they called home snatched from them, enslaved by men. So how can anyone move away from poverty when this obstacles are on their way?

All fundraising, economic stands don’t know how to fix this problem so they don’t talk about it. They put it at the back of their minds and offer what they think they can.

Does it have to be this way? I ask you!

Stop all the violence ,the economical neglect and all organisations, funds that doesn’t talk about everyday violence must be deemed NOT SERIOUS.

Everyone has been given an equal opportunity you just have to decide to play. In the world today we have only two players the rich and the poor, in fact most experience the game as unfair because the rich will always end up with all the money, where they rule decisions and all properties gone.

What’s left for the homeless??

He started his own way to make poverty a little less than it is now…..

let’s really stop this fight.



Trump stamp

In history of problems I find in it stories of faded happiness,

Old circle new, As anti Islamic radicals tell us we don’t belong,

From personal interaction I reached a different perspective,

Because this cloth on my head doesn’t deem me terrorist,

But an individual just like you,

I strongly believe that most are accepting regardless of faith, color or gender,

As I have very little to say concerning the democratic front of Donald trump,

I start with a question,

What do you see when you look at me?

A question I ask all to often but not too much,

Because the media has already given you a sight of me I still fail to see,

  • Terrorists
  • Oppressed
  • Brainwashed


Wait don’t stop,

I believe that everyone has the right for speech but can you slow down,

Just think,

Will you allow me to do to you, what you plan to do to me?,

Level my existence to a badge that states I’m Muslim,

Yes I’m Muslim,

Just like you’re Indian or Christian or even Jew,

Different faith but still human.

If you ask me, this is all political bullshit,

How a fascist man who refuses being fascist tells the world we have a “Muslim problem” or is it that he is the problem,

Let me tell you something, Islam is not a religion of terrorism,

And if you think by dehumanizing us and calling us hurtful names will stop us from being Muslims,

You are mistaken,

We are just getting started.

That’s just it…..

I know I am not myself with people but i am myself when am alone, that seems unlikely too but with all honesty I’m talking to you as myself.

Sometimes what I feel most deeply can’t be spoken in words alone. So I gave myself permission to feel and experiment all my emotions. In order to do that i had to stop being afraid to feel, I taught myself to believe that no matter what everything I felt will be Okay!.

I have never been one to love shallowly, my feelings for those I love ran deep into the earth. So I’m going to tell you something, Thoughts are never honest, Emotions are. So don’t be naive to the insignificant understanding of love in our world today.

Falling in love is like being hit by a truck but not being mortally wounded.

The problem with today is that people make the mistake of letting beauty and wealth guide attraction.

They go for the ones that visually please them,

They go for the pretty ones regardless and I have come to accept that.

But beauty has very little to do with appearance and sometimes not at all, but they think that we deserve their opinions but we just want them to keep them to themselves but am not here to talk about us but the others dignified women by how they look and considering them less appealing but forgot that appearance is at a limited stance and maybe theirs is almost running out.

Maybe it’s not my place to ask, but what about the ones that beauty doesn’t only rely on appearance? Their beauties lie on their voices, their ethnicity and their moral value.

How can they ask to be loved when all you ever ask is to be left alone?


Quiz: Exactly how will you spend this Ramadan?

Ramadan is just hours away and am super psyched about it. It’s just that time of the year when everyone gets together and embrace the beauty of Islam and escape the pace of everyday life.

A month considered the most sacred. Muslims do not eat nor drink from the moment of sun rise to sunset. They also pray, contemplate and practice acts of generosity towards others.

Soo I ask you, how will you spend this Ramadan? Will you contact a loved one and share knowledge, will you forgive the ones that have wronged you or many more.

Tell me your plans this Ramadhan and be an inspiration to me and others. Entice my viewers with your views on the do’s and don’t in this holy month. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and inshaAllah we will be reward for the knowledge passed on.

*comment below what you will be doing this Ramadhan? *