Last Day Of May

I decided to entice my viewers with a bit of fashion with faith. We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then-especially during this time of year when the weather outside is still abit frightful.

Yesterday I went for my first ever shoot. Time to tick that of my bucket list, as a lover for selfies I thought doing a shoot will be easy. It was not! But with great company it’s possible. It took me a while to reach my comfort zone but when I did. Magic happened.

I learnt a lot during this shoot.

 I understood why they had music on at photoshoots….. It makes you forget for a while that people are watching and the most unexpected photos come out the most authentic. I let loose and imagined I was there all alone dancing.

Scarf: from aysher_trendz, black coat:28$ shoes:1000ksh,dress:1500ksh

Thank you for making this happen.




An open letter to a policy made clear.

Am angry.

Probably so are you, but have hidden it away for years, even longer than i but am tired of being afraid to talk about it because people wont listen, or will downside me for speaking up. It doesn’t matter because its a real issue that needs to be addressed. Here it is soo listen.

I’m talking to the people who have no issue with the controversial upbringing they have instilled in their children, I’m talking to those people expressing concern over the women and children who you fear will be in danger because of this policy.

We are all reasonable people but we aren’t expressing any hate or bigotry. We just worry, you worry about you wives, your children, i worry too.

I think I worry too much, because they are afraid to say, because you have taught them to keep shut.You have raised them to be fearful and silent. That their words will bring nothing but shame

What I have seen is a lot of fear mongering going around, stories of men sneaking around and taking advantage of women, and some that are orchestrated to incite more.

So, I’m going to lay this down slow, because to be honest, it got me all worked up.

You say you are concerned about women and children that the thought of sexual assault let alone RAPE is so concerning that you may boycott.Where were you when they talked and wrote about RAPE? when some of us have been shouting about this for all this years begging people to listen, to care.To see the pain and destruction that plague our society.

Where were your angry voices when a Presidential candidate suggested that women who don’t want to be raped should not go to parties?

Where were you when a raped girl became shamed after coming forward about her rape?

Where were you when a women was repeatedly beaten by her abusive husband?

and the law that was supposed to protect her but allowed him to keep his gun,

It’s such an uncomfortable topic to everyone that I have only seen discussed among two’s or three’s,

The policy that women who are raped had it coming for them,

while the prosecutors of women and children ran free.

Because how a woman dresses as she attends a party shouldnt submit her to a drawing board of being raped,

Where was your self-righteous indignation when all that was happening. I cant help but question your concern now when they shouted and you refused to listen.

When they spoke and wrote about everyday sexism and rape, and you shrugged, rolled your eyes and looked away, and even click UNFOLLOW is it making you uncomfortable now?, all of their ranting and raving about the insidious acts of our society that view women and children as commodities.

You see i care about women and children(boys and men). i care about them regardless of how they dress, regardless of their economical class. i care about them when they are being victimized and the world just looks on in apathy.

They don’t care about it as much as I, I believe in equal rights and a woman who was raped should be allowed to take a stand, stop indemnifying her to a policy that only works for you, yes its horrible and the only way to stop this horrible act is to stop the ones doing it, the root cause is not always her.

The problem is your apathy all these years to the reality that you refuse to see, excuse me if I think your priorities seem a little slippery because untill now I havent heard from you about these things. I havent heard of petitions or moral outrage from these things. I havent heard much from you at all.

where are your petitions? where are your concerns? why aren’t you shouting about this things!!!!!