I cant understand how love became regret so quickly,

and that does not mean that I regret loving you,

I’m hoping that you haven’t grown to regret ever loving me either,

I just regret that we were not able to have that everlasting love.

that love we dreamed of,

the dreams you had about us that we talked about, but those dreams faded away like every word I say.

that’s why these days I rather put all these words on paper, than waste then on a late night text that will get lost with the rest of them,

text messages that don’t even warrant a response.

so I spend every night writing all these notes about you. while I’m sitting alone nightly.

surprisingly, its not the lowlight of my day, I think it’ll help me get through these uneventful days of living.

maybe one day I’ll make a list and try to reach them all,

I’ll ask them for forgiveness or just do some catching up.

It’ll have to be on one of my better days when my anxiety isn’t working against me and my voice doesn’t shake.



I am myself

Excuse me if I offend you, for I am myself

if life is meant for good, then why aren’t you,

Excuse me if I step over you for I am myself,

if life keeps moving, then you should too.

Excuse me if I fail to hear you, for I am myself .

if life exists within music, then why cant you dance,

Excuse me if I never see you, for I am myself.

if life is a work of art, then why your lack of chance.

Excuse me if I don’t believe you, for I am myself,

if life is full of virtue, then why do you lack morals.

Excuse me if I never follow you, for I am myself.

if life is priceless, then why the need for quarrels,

Excuse me for myself for myself excuses you”